What our clients say about Trailmark

Our First Nation discovered TrailMark just as we were embarking on a Land Use and Occupancy Mapping Project. The fact that TrailMark Office is online and ready to use was very useful to the project; we conducted 44 interviews with direct to digital maps. The training Trailmark Systems provided before the interviews started was exceptional and an important step in the success of our project. The Trailmark staff have been very helpful every step of the way and the software is constantly evolving. If you are a First Nation who wants to conduct your own Land Use Mapping and build in-house capacity TrailMark Office is the way to go.
(Casey Becker, Temagami First Nation)
We used TrailMark Mobile this winter to pilot a community-based wildlife track survey program in Tulita, NWT. The TrailMark data collection app was very easy to customize for our project’s needs and I was impressed by how quickly field crew members learned to use it. The option to lease the rugged hand- held computers (Archer 2’s) from Trailmark Systems was perfect for our project as we were looking to try out different data collection devices. Trailmark provided excellent technical support to help us get our project underway. Using TrailMark allowed us to standardize data collection among observers and save time by recording all the relevant information directly in the field and then uploading it wirelessly at the end of the day.
(James Hodson, GNWT)