• peter-evans

    Peter EvansPhD

    Partner, Research & Outreach

    Peter is a human geographer and anthropologist working at the intersection of a burgeoning resource sector and aboriginal communities’ subsistence economies. He looks at this relationship through qualitative and mixed-method tools, including historical and geographical analysis, land use and local knowledge studies, resource use and wildlife harvest analysis, and environmental impact assessment.

  • joerg-tews

    Joerg TewsPhD

    Partner, Software Development & Ecology

    Joerg is Trailmark's technical lead and responsible for aligning IT & software with business strategy. As a fullstack software engineer Joerg has developed enterprise level software solutions for over 20 years, primarily in the environmental information systems sector. With a PhD in ecology, he also has an extensive research background with numerous publications in the field of wildlife biology and simulation modelling.

  • beth-keats

    Beth Keats BA

    Partner, TLU / TEK Specialist

    Beth is driven by an interest in participatory research, oral history, ethnographic video and the ever-evolving fields of digital communications and digital humanities. Her land use and occupancy research, traditional ecological knowledge studies, and local histories have informed negotiation and decision-making processes related to consultation, land claims, litigation, and environmental assessments.

  • Amanda Degray

    Amanda DegrayMA

    Community-based Research & Participatory Mapping

    Amanda is a human geographer with experience working with and for Indigenous communities in British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Her role at Trailmark includes leading and supporting traditional use and knowledge studies for impact assessments and resource management projects as well as project management.

  • Kristen Kilistoff

    Kristen KilistoffMSc

    GIS Analyst

    Kristen is a spatial ecologist and comes to Trailmark with ten years experience in GIS and spatial analysis. She is continually amazed by the exciting and seemingly endless possibilities of how our understanding of ecological and social systems can be strengthened by place-based inquiry. Kristen finds great reward as a skilled educator, and is adept at communicating complex subjects to new learners.

  • Dave King

    Dave KingBAA

    Writing & Communications Specialist

    Dave brings 15 years of professional writing and communications experience to Trailmark's research and consulting services. A former broadcast journalist based in Canada’s North, Dave understands the stories many aboriginal communities have to tell, and the importance of gathering the best information to convey them effectively.

  • Ben Mason

    Ben MasonBA

    Software Engineer (Mobile)

    Ben is a mobile software developer who comes from a background in Lidar technology and developed his IT skills providing solutions for remote data collection on mobile platforms. He loves the challenges that come from starting new and diverse projects and enjoys implementing the small details that make for a great user experience

  • Casey Huxtable

    Casey HuxtableB.Sc.

    Traditional Knowledge Researcher

    Casey is Anishnabai from Temagami First Nation with a degree in Irish Studies and Anthropology from St. Mary’s University. She has worked in many fields including GIS and land use mapping, lands and resources, child and youth programs and education. Casey is also an artist and business owner who loves off the grid living, being out on her homeland and spending time with friends and family.

  • Ed Ross

    Ed RossMSc

    Senior Project Manager

    Ed is Trailmark's Senior Project Manager who's managed 100+ environmental monitoring and information management projects. He believes that by beginning with a careful understanding of people's needs, modern technology and managerial processes will serve communities better. Ed strives to foster relationships and promote effective communication amongst all people who share interests.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy SmithBSc cand.

    Software Engineer (Full stack)

    Jeremy is a Metis from Saskatchewan who believes communities at all scales can benefit from technology innovations. With experience in web development and computer science, he is passionate about increasing efficiency through improving our day-to-day technology and data experiences. Jeremy is a people-person and genuinely enjoys working with others to find both problems and solutions.

  • Gillian Wotherspoon

    Gillian WotherspoonCPA CGA

    Financial Administrator & Controller

    Gillian is extremely good at one thing. As a professional accountant with over 15 years experience, she crunches the numbers. She loves to promote education and understanding and is here to provide the Trailmark Team with all the help and support they need for day-to-day financial operations.

  • Jamie Zabel

    Jamie ZabelBA

    Digital Humanities Archivist

    Jamie Zabel is an English MA student from the University of Victoria. She has worked on a variety of digital humanities projects as a research assistant, mainly focusing on using historical spatial data to answer questions and creating digital editions of physical texts. Jamie is passionate about creating archival resources that are accessible and intuitive to the communities that need them.

  • Karen Su

    Karen SuBSc. cand.

    GIS Analyst

    Karen is currently pursuing her Geomatics & Computing degree at the University of Waterloo, ON. She has had experience supporting GIS teams in federal and municipal governments and has taken part in remote sensing, spatial analysis, and data acquisition projects. She is keen to explore the ways that geospatial data can benefit communities through meaningful design.