Community Engagement, Communications Planning & Facilitation


Our communications planning focuses on improving the effectiveness and protecting the legacy of your research programs. Trailmark employs a talented team with years of experience working across a myriad of media and distribution platforms.
Live graphic recording services bring a new dimension to the legacy of your community outreach efforts: an image covering the core themes and topics of conversation.
The process improves accessibly and interaction with the audience and the end product both aids in memory and helps people who did not, attend quickly grasp what was discussed.
We don’t do public relations or spin doctoring. We strategize our communications efforts to improve accessibility and public participation of your research.
We make world-class, broadcast quality film, audio, and new media productions in addition to providing capacity-building media workshops.
Captivate your audience with a compelling presentation and encourage community members to learn about your research or history through a more accessible medium than technical reports.
Multimedia and engagement tools are well situated to celebrate oral traditions.