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Trailmark™ Mobile

Trailmark’s free mobile app is used by Indigenous communities for a variety of mobile projects including wildlife observations, documenting harvesting rights and concerns, forestry, archaeological and heritage recording, and climate change monitoring.

Trailmark Mobile lets you collect scientific and cultural resource field data, manage other assets, ground-truth interview results, conduct field surveys, and monitor whatever you want — all faster and easier than ever before. It’s easy to learn, easy to deploy, and its syncs automatically with your organizations Trailmark Cloud .

Build and deploy forms easily regardless of technical experience
Avoid the time consuming task of manually transferring data – observations are synced to your community’s Trailmark Cloud when back in cell or Wi-Fi with the press of a button
Allow monitors to view and manage their own recorded info, in keeping with OCAP principles
Utilize a variety of form options including scrolling, checkboxes, dropdown choices, skip logic, photos, open-ended text, and geolocated audio recording
Run offline and out of cell range
Build and run multiple forms for different monitoring needs
How do I try out Trailmark Mobile?
1.Sign up your organization for a free Trailmark Cloud account at and create a user (mobile data collector that belongs to your organization).
2.Create (or use a shared) mobile form and assign the user to this form.
3.Download Trailmark Mobile App from Google Play or the App Store, log into Trailmark Mobile and start collecting data!

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