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Trailmark™ Cloud

Trailmark Cloud is the innovative web-based software Indigenous communities are using to protect and manage their heritage and traditional territories. It’s an all-in-one solution for envionmental field data collection, community-based research, archives management, referrals, web mapping and more.

We created Trailmark Cloud along with our partner communities to ensure Indigenous knowledge is included in research and resource management decisions.

With Trailmark Cloud, you can easily gather, store, and mobilize knowledge for Indigenous monitoring, mapping, protecting heritage sites, managing wildlife, digitizing archives, and managing referrals.

We are dedicated to preserving your information sovereignty and control. Trailmark Cloud's flexible system lets you set permission levels and control access to all materials. It is Software-as-a-Service, so you don’t have to buy or install anything. You own your data. We provide and maintain the software to keep it safe and accessible.

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