• peter-evans

    Peter EvansPhD

    Partner, Research & Outreach

    Peter is a human geographer and anthropologist working at the intersection of a burgeoning resource sector and aboriginal communities’ subsistence economies. He looks at this relationship through qualitative and mixed-method tools, including historical and geographical analysis, land use and local knowledge studies, resource use and wildlife harvest analysis, and environmental impact assessment.

  • joerg-tews

    Joerg TewsPhD

    Partner, Software Development & Ecology

    Joerg is the technical lead of Trailmark and responsible for aligning Trailmark's IT strategy with its business strategy. Joerg has been designing and developing small to enterprise level software solutions for 15+ years, primarily in the environmental information systems sector. He also has an extensive research background with numerous publications in the field of wildlife biology, simulation modelling and system analysis.

  • beth-keats

    Beth Keats BA

    Partner, TLU / TEK Specialist

    Beth is driven by an interest in participatory research, oral history, ethnographic video and the ever-evolving fields of digital communications and digital humanities. Her land use and occupancy research, traditional ecological knowledge studies, and local histories have informed negotiation and decision-making processes related to consultation, land claims, litigation, and environmental assessments.

  • Dave King

    Dave KingBAA

    Writing & Communications Specialist

    Dave brings 15 years of professional writing and communications experience to Trailmark's research and consulting services. A former broadcast journalist based in Canada’s North, Dave understands the stories many aboriginal communities have to tell, and the importance of gathering the best information to convey them effectively.

  • roman-sarayev

    Roman SarayevAEC

    Web Developer

    Roman is Trailmark's web developer and knowledgeable in both client-side and backend programming, specializing in HTML5, PHP, CSS3, jQuery, responsive design and various JavaScript frameworks and libraries. He loves the constant challenges and seemingly endless learning that goes on in the field of programming and updates and deepens his skills on a daily basis.

  • Mark Pierog

    Mark PierogMSc

    Mobile Developer

    Mark Pierog started his IT career as a GIS technologist in environmental assessment then continued on to GIS software development. His skill set includes current web, mobile and desktop technologies, using them all to create great tools for our clients. Mark enjoys solving complex problems with elegant solutions, always learning something new along the way.

  • Kristen Kilistoff

    Kristen KilistoffMSc

    GIS Analyst

    Kristen is a spatial ecologist and comes to Trailmark with ten years experience in GIS and spatial analysis. She is continually amazed by the exciting and seemingly endless possibilities of how our understanding of ecological and social systems can be strengthened by place-based inquiry. Kristen finds great reward as a skilled educator, and is adept at communicating complex subjects to new learners.

  • Kyle Hilsendager

    Kyle HilsendagerPhD

    Research & Business Development

    Kyle is a member of ‘Namgis First Nation and motivated by a strong interest in the natural resource management challenges that affect Aboriginal communities. He has extensive experience researching forest management and land use issues in Canada and Australia. Kyle has also taught business management courses at the post-secondary level for almost ten years, with much of this time being spent working with First Nations students.

  • Pamela Wong

    Pamela WongPhD

    Research & Outreach

    Pamela is a specialist in developing interdisciplinary approaches to integrate both traditional knowledge and science in environmental monitoring. With a background in ecology and evolutionary biology, her expertise stems from over 10 years of consultations, community-based projects, land-use mapping, stakeholder engagement and building collaborative capacities in Indigenous and decision-making communities.

  • Trevor Marlowe

    Trevor Marlowe

    Junior Software Developer/Data Technician

    Trevor is currently enrolled as a Computer Systems and Technology student at the Grande Prairie Regional College and passionate about developing software for the preservation of cultural knowledge. As part of a summer student program with Trailmark he currently supports one of our NWT clients with database management and technical support work.